About Lowersa

Lowersa was founded by two strong and multifaceted women out of desire to create a brand that could fit with today's modern woman and accompany her in the many roles she takes on in life. 
We created something divine to give women an opportunity to express themselves with unique jewellery pieces, whether its with top trending fashion charms or fine sterling silver.  
Our brand is all about celebrating individuality and femininity.  
Each one collection is delicately thought out and specially selected to meet every woman's needs. 
We are proud to share our imagination and offer elegance, style, shine and confidence. 
Women have always been our main source of inspiration, motivation and strength. There's nothing better than women coming together to support each other; because we know that we are all part of something much bigger than ourselves or a brand. 
Lowersa embraces the many forces of femininity that tend to pull us in different directions searching for that perfect balance with confidence and poise. It's about exploring what it means to be a woman today through every piece and collection. 
Be bold and share your nature glow together with us! Luxury European Jewellery